Welcome to Forward Point Tours

The only tour company providing explorers 4WD private tours of the Blue Mountains showing its natural beauty, wonder & native wildlife.

With Forward Point Tours (FPT) you will be travelling the roads and trails of the Blue Mountains in the comfort of your private 4WD, to be enjoyed by a maximum of 4 passengers whether that will be your family or friends along with the tour guide.

The guide who will be your driver, and who is also the owner of FPT, is a born & bred local of the Mountains who will take you to the many stunning lookouts, historical buildings of the upper mountains township, natural wonders and unique wildlife that inhabit this world heritage listed land. 

Along with taking the largely unknown 4WD trails that are “off the beaten track” which only the locals know about, you will be shown basic 4WD techniques for driving in the Australian bush in case you ever plan on going out on an adventure yourself.

You’ll also be treated to a Swagman’s BBQ lunch.

So whether you’re planning to take a relaxing tour in the historically rich towns like Katoomba, go on a bush walk in the heart of the Mountains or heading out on a 4WD adventure where all the other tour companies don’t venture to, FPT has you & your adventurous companions covered!

*Please make note of any dietary requirements whilst placing a booking

Let's go on an adventure.

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