About Us

Forward Point Tours is a solely owned and operated Tour Company run by a born and bred local of the Blue Mountains.

Being raised in the Mountains our tour operator & driver has spent much of his childhood and later adult life planning and setting out on recreational hikes, camping trips, and 4WD expeditions sometimes lasting for days in the bush.

Our tour operator has throughout those many years of traversing the world heritage listed area has compiled personal topographical maps which he has been collecting over the years and has marked out some of the best places to get up close to the native flora & fauna.
Along with the historical sites that are scattered throughout the upper Mountains, our guide has listed a number of hiking trails & 4WDing tracks that are not as well known to those from outside the mountains. In essence, we leave the other tourists and tour companies behind whilst exploring the most beautiful & untouched areas of the Blue Mountains with the chance to see native wildlife at most of these locations.

With our tour guide holding a certificate III in first aid response, many years of 4WDing experience, an in-depth knowledge of the area & refined skills from orienteering the terrain of the Aussie bush, rest assured you are in safe hands whilst you and your companions are setting out on your adventure!

Forward Point Tours

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