Danny was a great tour guide.. Definitely out there to show you the Blue Mountains from the local perspective. We got to see various waterfalls, rivers, overlooks with stunning views, and heaps of kangaroos and wallabies. I mean we literally saw hundreds of roos through out the day. I would suggest this 4wd tour to anyone who visits the Blue Mts.
Paul, Los Angeles.
"OMG!!! Cannot describe this tour !! If you wish to see the typical touristy stops along with a ton of others DO NOT purchase this tour. IF you wish to experience Australia as a local seeing INCREDIBLE wildlife up close, Bush Hike to remote locals and ABSOLUTELY incredible views !!!! TAKE THIS TOUR. Not only will you find Daniel adapting to your specific tastes but REALLY connecting with tour idea of what to see and do. As a women sole traveler in a foreign country, one always is on the guard for unsavory, untrusting “wolf” types..... Daniel was nothing but courteous, respectful and professional! The 4x4 experience after dark in search for wildlife in the forest was INCREDIBLE!!! Was fortunate enough to trek in some RARE mountain snow!! Loved! Loved! Loved! This tour. Can you tell? Would definitely go again! Next time will pick up a bit more Aussie slang :) Mahalo Daniel for a truly unique and unforgettable day!!!
Lisa, Hawaii
"Forward point tours, recommend highly. We were picked up from Sydney then straight away shown the blue mountains trails and hidden scenery we would never of found by our selves. One hell of an adventure, especially the kangaroo spotting!"
Kevin, The Netherlands.
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