Terms & Conditions

We are thankful for you choosing FPT to take you on your next adventure. 

However before purchasing a ticket for you and your friends please spend some time reading over the Terms & Conditions so that everyone can have a fun, safe, and exciting trip.

1. By purchasing a tour with FPT you and your travelling companions acknowledge that pick up & drop off from 1 prenominated destination is agreed upon at time of purchase. If you or your members of the tour party decide/need to be picked up or dropped off at a different location(s) then that was agreed upon when the tour was booked then an extra fee for driving will be charged to those person(s) before they arrive to their new destination(s).

2. During all-times spent in the tour vehicle no beverages or food is to be consumed with the exception of bottled water. Additionally there is a strict no smoking policy inside the tour vehicle at all times. Any stains or damages caused by food, beverages, and smoking inside the vehicle will be charged to the purchaser of the tickets. Furthermore any damage caused to the tour vehicle by any members of the tour will be recorded and charged for all damages caused to be repaired. 

3. Due to OH&S regulations unfortunately pets cannot accompany passengers by the tour vehicle being the mode of transport. However, Australian certified sightseeing & companion dogs are allowed and must be specified so at time when tickets are purchased. 

4. At FPT it is our ambition that everyone has an enjoyable time throughout the tour. If you or any members of your tour party wish to see a specific destination of the Blue Mountains that is not necessarily on the tour e.g. a specific walking track, historical site, 4WD trail then our operator & driver will be more than happy to take you to the desired destination. However please note the time it takes to travel to the destination along with time spent at the destination may be taken out of the total time of the tour. 

5. If for any reason you or any of your members of the tour party are not at the pickup destination on the allocated time then the time until you arrive and are ready to set out on the tour may be taken out of the time allocated for the tour. Additionally if for any reason that you or your party cannot attend the tour on your booked day or decide to cancel within 48hrs of the day you purchased the tour a refund will not be given unless it can be proved that there was an EMERGENCY that caused you to not attend the tour.

By purchasing a tour you acknowledge that you and your tour companions have read and understand the terms & conditions of Forward Point Tours.

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