Exclusive Look Throughout The Blue Mountains


Exclusive Look Throughout The Blue Mountains

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Tour Duration 8 - 10 Hours
Maximum group size: 4 people

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At Forward Point Tours our private 4WD day tours are priced per tour, not per person, at a flat rate of

$380 AUD – (LIMITED TIME OFFER) You also have the option of being picked up & dropped off to your desired location outside of the Blue Mountains for an additional fee, Making Forward Point Tours one of the most affordable tour companies in the Blue Mountains. (Please note Scenic World is not part of the tour)

Tour Duration: 8 - 10 hrs.

All Day tours include a complementary BBQ lunch!



Cataract falls

Hidden in the bush outside of Lawson Cataract falls is our first destination that shows a number of pristine water ways that run through the Blue Mountains.

Lincoln’s Rock

Nestled neatly away just a few kilometres away from the Great Western Highway Lincoln’s rock     (or ‘flat rock’ as is the local name) is home to breathtaking views of the Jameson valley.

Leura Village & local Chocolate Factory

Leura village is rich in early settler history and today draws in many people from around the world to its picturesque gardens and boutique shops. During our visit in Leura we will also visit a locally run chocolate factory and meet with the owner/operator where you will be treated to a short tour of the factory and chocolate show room.

Echo Point

Echo Point is home to the Three Sister and a number of hiking trails that all lead to different destinations of the Jameson valley. Along with the 3 Sisters there is also an Aboriginal cultural centre that performs cultural Aboriginal dance ceremonies. (Tickets to the show are not included in the tour)

Leura Cascades

Leura cascades boasts the most beautiful waterways in the Mountains. Being rich with stunning scenery & history we will take a walk through its hiking trails to where the cascade then falls into the Jameson valley.

Mt Hay

Mt Hay is an isolated mountain that stands in the Blue Mountains National Park and was used by early explorers as a land mark. Getting to Mt Hay involves driving over sand and gravel trails that also have beautiful lookouts. Once at the destination, your guide will show you a number of trails that lead to secluded lookouts.


Hartley is a small town built by the early settlers of Australia. The houses, court house and church make up some of the oldest buildings in Australia.

Cox’s River & Bowtell’s Swinging Bridge

Cox’s River & Bowtell’s Swinging Bridge is the most beautiful location on the tour. This area as you probably guessed from the name has a 100m long swinging bridge that crosses to the other side of the river. We hope you are not afraid of heights!

Jenolan State Forest

Jenolan state forest is the final destination of the tour. This forest is home to many species of native wildlife and to finish the tour your guide will show you through the trails to search and hopefully see Kangaroos and perhaps other animals in the wild.

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