What To Bring

Wondering what to bring?

Our tour operator has listed some things you might want to bring to make your trip more safe and enjoyable. And don’t worry you will be travelling in a 4WD so there is plenty of luggage space for everyone.

1. Bring plenty of water

2. Wear adequate clothing (i.e. hat, hiking boots, jumper/jacket, pants not shorts) for hiking, or at least clothing you don’t mind getting a little bit dirty if you choose to go hiking on trails.

3. Extra jumpers/jackets in case the temperature starts to drop. (Especially during the winter months).

4. Snacks there will be many opportunities to pick up necessities from stores located in town if required during the tour. Along with packed lunch provided during the trip feel free to bring extra food if you would like it to be cooked as well. However it is recommended to bring some light snacks such as energy bars, nuts or sandwiches in case you get a bit hungry between meals.

Please make note of any dietary requirements when placing a booking.

5. Charging cables if you require your mobile device to be charged, the tour operator carries a portable power bank for you to use, so you don’t miss out on taking plenty of pictures during your tour.

6. Sunscreen is recommended, especially during the summer months.

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